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RFI TVI Locators:
RFI locators detect sparks and corona that cause radio and T.V. interference (RFI TVI). RF and ultrasonic receivers quickly pinpoint sparking hardware on powerlines.

Pole Locators
Sparking Hardware Locators
Indoor RFI Locators

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Locate the Sparking Pole with RF
Receivers and Antennas


Model 243

MODEL 243   *NEW
Broadband RFI Locator
Tunable Receiver 0.5-1000 MHZ
Large LCD for Waveform Signatures
Trace and Video Memories
Excellent Sensitivity


330 in use

Mini RFI Locator
320-340 MHZ
Handheld attached directional antenna

Mini Combo RFI Locator
320-340 MHZ
M330 modified for use with a mag mount vehicle antenna or a handheld directional antenna

330Y in use

Pinpoint the Spark with Ultrasonic Locators


Parabolic Pinpointer
Ultrasonic Locator for use from
the ground

   Hotstick Line Sniffer
RF & Ultrasonic Locator for use from a bucket

Locate Indoor Sources

MODEL 245  Circuit Sniffer 
detects indoor sparking and electronic sources

245 Circuit Sniffer