RFI TVI Locators

Locate the Sparking Pole with RF Receivers and Antennas

RFI locators detect powerline discharges that cause interference to:
  • AM Radio
  • HAM Radio
  • Over The Air TV
  • CATV Reverse Path
  • Power Line Carrier
  • LTE

Model 243

Broadband RFI Locator with O'Scope

Tunable Receiver 0.5-1000 MHZ
Large LCD for Waveform Signatures
Trace and Video Memories
Excellent Sensitivity
Ignition Filter
dBm Readout

Model M331

Mini RFI Locator

˜ 320-340 MHZ
Handheld attached directional antenna
Optimized For Sensitivity & Ease Of Use
Ignition Filter

Model 331Y

Mini Combo RFI Locator

˜ 320-340 MHZ
M331 modified for use with a mag mount vehicle antenna or a handheld directional antenna
Ignition Filter

Pinpoint the Spark with Ultrasonic Locators

Model 251

Parabolic Pinpointer

Ultrasonic Locator to pinpoint sparking hardware
"Source" Indicating LED
Extremely Sensitive

Model 247-B

Hotstick Line Sniffer

RF & Ultrasonic Locator for use from a bucket with a hotstick. Identify specific device causing interference.

Locate Indoor Sources

Model 245

Circuit Sniffer

Circuit Sniffer Detects indoor sparking and electronic noise sources such as light dimmers, LEDs, switching power supplies, variable speed drives, and fluorescent lights.